Analysis Of ' H ' For Hawk By Helen Macdonald Essay examples

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There are infinite ways one defines the word wild. As the dictionary states “Living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated”. In other words, anything without human contact is wild.” However, in H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald, Macdonald defines wild as a place where one goes to heal from the real world. Eventually, her definition of wild evolves into something else as she continues her relationship with Mabel. Macdonald’s Goshawk. After her father’s tragic death, all Macdonald could think of were goshawk’s. A Goshawk’s characteristics were what lured Macdonald to them, which made her decide to adopt and train a goshawk to help cope for her father’s death. Although, buying a wild animal to grief someone’s death is not always the best idea for a wild animal, since they are naturally wild and can turn into disaster. However, people go through a lot of emotions when one loses a loved one. But did this wild animal really help Macdonald with her father’s death or did it isolate her from human contact. By training Mabel, it allowed Macdonald to get into her comfort zone, she basically put herself in a cubicle with Mabel. Which is substantial because it gave her some space to cope her father’s death, but it also stopped her from any human contact. But, she loved everything about Mabel and wanted to be like it. She loved how goshawks are birds of prey, yet it is a very independent bird. Macdonald, felt safe when she was barricaded in her home from the outside world, she…

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