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Three Cups of Tea Places around the world like Pakistan,Afghanistan, and other areas similar to those have a lack of education but mostly a lack of education for women. People around the world raise money to help these areas be able to provide schooling for children. One of these people is Greg Mortenson,who raised millions to build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. His book Three Cups of Tea illustrates everything he did to help with the building and funding of the schools as well as some of his other life experiences while in Pakistan and Afghanistan building these schools. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Mortenson and this book because there are many events mentioned in the book that are arguably not true and there was claimed to be issues with handling money. I feel that even though Mortenson lied and manipulated money people should not ignore the good he did because he did help thousands of people. There are many different accusations of Mortenson's lies throughout the book. To begin with, in the book, Mortenson claims that he was captured by the Taliban in 1996. The issue with …show more content…
He spent millions on his own expenses like clothes, travel, and other things. Also, whenever he would go and speak to promote his book the CAI(the charity funding the schools being built), was paying for all of it. (“The Washington Post” n.p.).Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst, stated “I think it’s unusual for the charity that he has created to be spending $1.7 million promoting his book. That’s usually the job of the publisher”(“CNN: 'Three Cups of Tea" author accused of lying”). That large amount of money the charity was spending on him promoting his book could have been used to build more schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan but instead was used for Mortenson's own benefit. All of the money he made speaking about his book was not given back to the Central Asia Institute, it was kept for

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