Analysis Of Rolf Odegaard Violate The Election Campaign Finance Act

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Francine Odegaard has recently been elected governor. Francine had received 50.2 percent of the general vote. Francine grew up without either of her parents, both passing away while she was very young. Her grandfather, Rolf Odegaard never legally adopted her, but regardless raised her as his own. Rolf helping out his granddaughter, donated $41,995 to support her campaign after the election had been completed. This money was used with the debt her campaign committee had ended with.Rolf Odegaard now finds himself in a legal situation for potentially violating the Election Campaign Finance Act. This issue here is whether Rolf Odegaard violated the Election Campaign Finance Act under the current statue. In order to establish if Rolf violated the Election Campaign Finance Act, it’s essential to establish if Rolf is an immediate family member. Sec 2 “This Act is intended to regulate political activity, to regulate campaign financing, and to restrict campaign contributions and expenditures without jeopardizing the ability of candidates for state public office to …show more content…
With everything pointing to Rolf in violation of the act, there is one key ingredient missing, does a grandfather constitute as an immediate family member. Looking at Sec 31(c) “As used in subsection (b) “immediate family” means a spouse, parent, brother, sister, son, or daughter.” There is no where in the statue that list a grandfather as an immediate family member, with Rolf not being an immediate member he is technically in violation of the Election Campaign Finance Act. This act as stated in Toland V Election Commission is put into place to keep an election fair and not allowing family member to influence others; “The immediate family exception is premised on a legislative desire to protect freedom of expression by candidates, donating money is a recognized way of expressing a

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