Analysis Of Grace Paley 's ' Joy Paley ' Essay

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The author, Grace Paley, creates short stories that depict the lives and experiences of men and women living in New York City. This individual account captures the experiences of two Jewish immigrants in the community where she raised. “Anxiety” has a protagonist character that worries deeply about the possible destruction of the world. She confronts people walking on the street to warn them about the danger they face and how to protect society. The panicky narrator, with anxiety, tries to protect society by alerting strangers of their wrong-doings, questioning their actions, and giving them advice.
The narrator’s anxiety arises against the men for the actions they display to their children; which is our next generation. Her concern is the fathers should not be treating his child like that, but the father has a different opinion on it. “Let’s not go too far, said the young father. We could get depressed. She WAS jumping around on my poor back and hollering Oink, oink” (Paley 833).
In the father’s eyes, his actions were acceptable for the actions of his daughter’s movements on his shoulders. The father felt his actions would show the daughter not to act like that anymore.
The narrator alerts two men walking along the side walk with their children after seeing some disturbing actions by them. The narrator attempts to alert the strangers of their wrong-doings by screaming, “Stop! Stop! I cry” (833). The narrator warns the man to stop as he throws his child to the ground,…

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