Analysis Of Grace Hsiang 's Poem, Fobs And The New Discrimination Is Interracial By Hailey Yook

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In America, there are different cultures, religious, and languages in our community, and these elements form diversity. Having varies of diversity bring colors into our community, but it also create conflict within different groups. In Grace Hsiang’s essay ““FOBs” VS. “TWINKIES”: The New Discrimination Is Interracial”, the author discusses about the cultural conflict within the same ethnicity, and she points out people can avoid internal discrimination by recognizing there are two cultures. In Hailey Yook’s essay “Positive Sterotypes Are Hurtful, Too”, author writes about the harmful of judging others based on their ethnic stereotype. A lot of people think Asians are intelligent, and the author points out this “positive stereotype” can be harmful because it may ignore people’s effort when they make an achievement. From these two essays about diversity, they discuss issues about diversity in our community, and people should learn to respect and appreciate different culture, and do not judge other race people based on their ethnicity. We should respect other culture in our community, and we do not judge another culture based on our thought about it, or it would complicate the relationship between the community. In Hsiang’s essay, she states students today are discriminated against by their own ethnic group. Asian Americans are divided into two groups, “true Asian” and “true American”, and each groups are each highly critical of the others. “True Asian” group believe they…

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