Essay Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Animal Farm '

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Orwell Warns the Democratic West Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, mirrors Russian history through a plot-alternating novel, and teaches readers about the negative effects of the totalitarian government which was being created in the Soviet Union. In the novel, a group of animals, striving for independency and the chance at an all equal government, take over their human owners’ farm because the leaders do not give or care enough for the animals. The mixture of personalities lead to some being royalty, leaders, followers and bystanders, and naturally, hierarchical conflicts arise. Although with good intentions, the new farm becomes more corrupt, and the dictating pigs evolve to resemble humans, and continues the cycle of a tyrannical government. Likewise, in Russian history, Stalin and his politicians overthrew Vladimir Lenin’s Soviet Union, fed the citizens lies, assassinated Lenin’s ally, Leon Trotsky, and caused exploitation amongst Nazi-Germany’s allies. But eventually, the alien form of communism Stalin tried to create became a totalitarian government, which betrayed the Soviets’ wishes of equality. In both Animal Farm and Russian history, the effects of personality types and the thirst for communism become apparent. Throughout his novel, Orwell warns the Democratic West who thought the Soviet Union led a utopian society and perfect “socialist” government; however, in reality, propaganda caused the idea of communism to become abolished, corruption of…

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