Analysis Of Gabriel J. Iglesias Essay

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Gabriel J. Iglesias (comically known as Fluffy) is how he is publicly acknowledged, but his actual name is Gabriel J. Iglecias. He is noted for his variety of skills as a comedian, actor, writer, producer, and voice actor. Gabriel is famous for his use of these multiple talents throughout performances in movies and live television; he is best recognized for his show I 'm Not Fat… I 'm Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy. He utilizes storytelling and sound effects in several of his compositions, some other features include reference to his weight and his signature Hawaiian shirts. Although Gabriel is currently worth 2.5 million dollars, he has not always been this fortunate and struggled financially growing up.

Gabriel was born on July 15th, 1976 in one of San Diego County’s biggest cities in the metropolitan area, known as Chula Vista. He was the youngest of six children who were raised by their single mother and spent most of their childhood in Long Beach, California. Gabriel still resides in the California area but lives comfortably contrasting his early life when he lived in poverty. His mother had trouble raising such a large family and resented Gabriel’s father so she made the adjustment in all her children’s surnames, turning the “s” into a “c”. Even though he understood his mother’s reasons for this action, he still prefers his original last name which is often used in his professional career and everyday life. Gabriel used comedy as a way to deal with difficult situations he…

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