Analysis Of Farmingville And A Documentary Essay

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In our society there are a lot of ways people look at one another. Society and political views often affects the reputation of others based on their current situation, appearance, actions and how they’re involved in the community. The social construction of reality of the person judging the other is basically what they feel that is a real in a certain situation which is frequently negative. Hope is the driving force that often causes people to migrate to a different place, where they seek for new opportunities like as jobs. Moreover, there is a documentary called Farmingville and a documentary called The Overnighters that portrays the central idea of having hope and the cause of people migrating to other places to pursue the key to success.
Farmingville is a documentary that was made in the late 90’s where a group of 1, 500 Mexican immigrants moved into the small suburban town called Farmingville. They were Mexicans and many of them lived in groups meaning in a house, which was pretty much crowded and overpopulated. Then suddenly the increase in population rose and it didn’t go unnoticed. When these ‘undocumented immigrants’ began appearing on street corners looking for work, the townspeople took action. Having undocumented immigrants living in a community of Whites that were actually working hard for a living and paid their proper taxes made the Mexicans appearance look bad and the way the members of the community interacted with the Mexicans showed a big issue of race.…

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