Rita Pierson Champion

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“ Every kids need a champion" by Rita Pierson

“Every kids need a champion and an adult who won’t give up on him “ . This TED is about education and the way teachers are educating. Rita Pierson a teacher who came from an educator's family gives importance to the relationship and connection between people. In her ted talk, Miss Pierson talks about how she, as a teacher, sees the teaching profession. Rita Pierson quoted George Washington and said, “All learning is understanding relationship”. She wants to sensitive “school educator” in their way to approach and to teach children, especially tuff children. Rita is a teacher since forty years; she saw and was part of many reforms in the education. Her main idea is that we should focus more on connections between people. Like she said, we are always speaking about reasons why children are not learning or giving up from school: poverty, tuff live etc.. But rarely about the human connection and the fact that children are not learning because they didn’t have an adult who cared about them. In the TED, Rita stipulates: “Everyone in this room has been affected by a teacher or an adult”. The idea is that teachers should build confidence between them and their students, they should give to them motivation and encouragement. In this way, they’ll start to learn because they like their teacher but the most
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Although some teachers believe that teaching is only a job like every other job in an excuse that "they don’t pay me to love the kids", but “ how can you learn from a teacher you don’t like ?” . This idea is a strong statement. In this way, Rita catched the attention of her public, but, more of that, everyone could remember himself learning and expecting to have class with a loved teacher. The good point is, that it connects you to the story from and makes you keep listening, iIt is something

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