Edward Snowden A Hero Essay

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Snowden: The Hero The World Needs
Whistle blowing is a very controversial and delicate topic in the world today. It defines whether a person is a hero or a traitor. The Snowden NSA leakage is the perfect example of controversy. Edward Snowden, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee as well as a National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, blew the whistle in 2013. He was the face behind the world’s the biggest whistleblowing case in U.S. history. He exposed how the U.S. government’s PRISM program works and how it evaded everyone’s privacy rights. Snowden should be considered a hero because he gave up his freedom for the greater good of everybody else by displaying how the U.S government was abusing its own laws upon us. To fully understand whether Snowden is a hero or a
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However, we must analyze the data provided by Snowden himself and try to understand how he is so wanted by the U.S. And we, the U.S. population, should not stay quiet about it. The need for new laws and regulations is quite clear. Not only that, but we also need reforms on current laws. However, the most important part is to have laws and reforms that cover everyone. Despite whether you work for private enterprises or to the government. The current so-called ‘protection’ laws are corrupt and often misconducted by our leaders. We should also ask ourselves: why is Snowden so wanted by the government? It clearly looks like it’s not because he released classified information, but because he exposed the government misusing and misconducting its own laws. Most important of all, the real spy in this entire mess is the government. The only way we can move forward with this is to fight for our rights and regulations to not only exist, but to work not for one, not for some, but for all. The current system is not working for whistleblowing, it’s quite the opposite. It scares people to come forward because they may become the target instead of the victim or

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