Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe 's ' The Black Cat ' Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe Research Paper

American Literature


May, 9 2015

Deranged characters

In Edgar Allen Poe 's short stories many of his characters have deranged psyches. In The Black Cat, The Cask of Amontillado, and The Tell Tale Heart, Poe has characters who are proven to be crazy.

In the black cat the guy marries a woman that likes pets. They get a black cat. The cat was his favorite pet. He later began to drink and get angry. He treated his wife and pets badly.

One night he comes home and grabs the cat and the cat bites his hand. He gets mad and cuts the cats eye out. Later he hangs the cat from a tree and kills it. On the same night his house burns to the ground. On the wall above his bed there was a picture of a giant cat with a nose around its neck. One night he gets drunk and sees another cat like his last one, but this cat had a white patch on its chest. He takes the cat home but he soon regrets it. One day him and his wife go down to the basement and the cat follows. He got mad and tried to kill the cat with an axe but his wife stops him so he took out his anger on his wife and kills her. He didnt want to get caught hiding the body so he hid her body behind a brick walk in his basement. Finally the cops arrive and check the house. They go down to the basement and he says how well built his house is when suddenly they hear a noise behind the wall. The police knock down the wall find the cat on the his wife 's dead bloody…

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