Analysis Of Montresor In The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe

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In the story of the Cask of Amontillado, the character Montresor commits a crime, but was he wrong to? The story is created by Edgar Allan Poe, which already tells you that the story is already dark due to the authors’ background in stories. Montresor simply is fed up with being insulted many times by Fortunato. Can you really blame a guy for taking pride in his family?

Montresor simply is a vengeful and manipulative person. To complete his devious plan, he invites over the victim, Fortunato and connoisseur of wine, to come over and taste a lovely cask of Amontillado. The perfect setup. The conniving man has already taken precautions to complete this terrible murder. He sends his servants off for the night to enjoy the festival, makes sure
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He is a mason, which is a family trade. All of his family where masons so he thought it would be a tradition to continue it. Fortunato, is too oblivious to know what he was doing. Fortunato is becoming intoxicated due to the alcohol Montresor is shoving down his throat, but he is gladly taking it.

This is just a tale of an angry soul, he takes his anger out on Fortunato who insults his family. And Montresor finally says this is enough, and simply offs the man. And of course, Fortunato is, like stated before very drunk. He does not realize that he is being lead to his death. Montresor knew it too. He kept him drinking and drinking and drinking until they finally reached the catacombs where the supposed Amontillado is located. Montresor tells him to search for the cask, in the dark. Montresor begins bricking up the walkway to the catacombs while Fortunato is too drunk and too oblivious to notice!

In conclusion, Montresor is a man who lived to tell the tale of how he got away with murder. He has some remorse about what he did but then again he did was very furious with his victim for insulting his family. So was Montresor a real bad guy? The story depicts him as a man who takes pride in his family, just like everyone else does. How Montresor got away with murder after 50 years, is still a

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