Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' Tell Tale Heart ' Essay

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Literature has a way to reflect itself on the author who wrote the work. Many times reading a work of literature is not enough to understand what the author was trying to get across to the readers. “Tell-Tale Heat” by Edgar Allan Poe is a works of literature in which the reader must look more in-depth, specifically the author’s life in order to understand what he was trying to get across in his story. Using biographical and psychological criticism we will see that “Tell- Tale Heart” is a short story that reflects the life and subconscious desires of the author Edgar Allan Poe. Looking at his personal life we will compare his subconscious desires to the ones from the man in “Tell-Tale Heart” is which we will conclude that Edgar Allan- Poe’s short story was a fictional form in which he accomplishes his real life desires.
E.A. Poe wrote Tell- Tale Heart, a story that explores a mans subconscious desires and in which he submits to them. In a first person point of view, the author brings you in to the mind of a psychopath. The short story begins with the speaker explaining to the readers that he is not mad for doing what he does, instead he is of a perfectly sound mind to be able and accomplish what he did. The story continues on in which the speaker explains his darkest and most oppressing fear, the man’s “eye” (Poe, 404). The fear that makes the speaker give in to his id desire and end his fear for the eye. It was not something that was done of brut impulse. In the contrary,…

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