Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Domestic Tranquility Essay

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Domestic tranquility in the United States is outlined by the Constitution and can be better understood as the way in which society lives in harmony (Wilson). Unfortunately, society has not reached a state of tranquility yet. This can be traced to ideas of racism, sexism, and other means of discrimination in the United States. Although some strides have been made to try and counteract these modes of discrimination, society has recently taken a step back in its development towards a tranquil state. Specifically, the rhetoric used by Donald Trump has been linked to ideas of racism and sexism. Through analyzing specific instances of racist and sexist comments made by Donald Trump, it will be shown how his rhetoric is harmful to domestic tranquility.
One of the biggest issues that the media, along with both liberals and moderate Republicans, has made apparent is Donald Trump’s use of racist rhetoric. In one article by The Washington Post in 2015, he was quoted to have said that all Mexican immigrants were “criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc” (Lee). Within the same article the author points out the inaccuracies in his statements. The statistics showed that only a small portion of immigrants that are in the United States are incarcerated. It later goes on to point out that in some cases that the percentage of native-born Americans that were incarcerated was twice that of immigrants. CNN also pointed out in another article in 2016 that Donald Trump was not only generalizing…

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