Analysis Of Donald Trump 's Campaign Essay

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Donald trump , a man of wealth and a splash of an ego is on the Verge of suing Ted Cruz (Republican Party). Ted Cruz has shown a very aggressive way to compete for the presidential position by making false statements in his advertisements against Trump. Donald trump advised Cruz to discontinue these false statements, but instead Cruz doubled the amount of Advertisements against Trump. Donald Trump 's attitude towards fixing this country is shown by his business background(logos) ,Trumps business ethics(ethos), along with being the most honest(pathos) candidate by stating facts and opinions no other candidate would say.

Our country has been run by hundreds of different kinds of people whether they came from the rich side or the poor side it doesn’t matter, but they all stepped into the presidential position for different reasons. In Donald trump 's case, his background involves a lot of unsuccessful and successful business attempts. Trump’s father had influenced him heavily with his real estate development company , Trump ended up going into the real estate business himself.
A bit later in his life, Trump made a slick move by buying a worn out foreclosed 6 million dollar apartment complex. He then was able to renovate this building for a little over a million dollars and sell it at a maximum price of $12 million. At such a young age, this sale in Donald Trump’s life shows why he was the best real estate developer in New York at his time.
Although it may appear that Trump…

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