Analysis Of Don T Be A Litterbug

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Don’t be a litterbug I would always look around my neighborhood, school, and various places that I would hang out in and see trash. I always wondered why the place I lived in consumed so much litter. It was so easy for us as a community to just properly dispose of our trash, but we never did. All around school there were candy wrappers, biscuitville bags, plastic water bottles and other various items that never seemed to make their way into the trash cans. In my neighborhood there were cans, cups, and plastic bags. It felt like my home and community was being consumed by trash, so I decided to do something about it. I decided to voluntarily pick up trash around my school and neighborhood. At first I was very reluctant about doing this because it was cold outside and I don’t like the cold. However, as I forced myself to keep doing it I realized that I enjoyed helping my community look better. Every Saturday for three weeks I dedicated my morning to picking up trash.First I went into my neighborhood for an hour and picked up trash. I found plastic bags, bottles, cups, and I even found a diaper once. I was able to fill up about one and a half bags of trash from my neighborhood every saturday. After I did an hour in my neighborhood I drove to my school, Williams High. …show more content…
The state itself has many rules, regulations, and fines for people who litter. Littering is labeled as a Class 3 misdemeanor(States with Littering), which means that it will show up on records and could even result in jail time. For first offences people can pay as much as $1,000 and as little as $250. These fines can also increase up to $2,000 if a person is a recurrent litterer(Littering). With so many fines and penalties it is hard to believe that people would litter in the first place. It seems that littering comes from convenience, if there is no trashcan people will put trash anywhere no matter the

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