Essay Analysis Of ' Discover Your House '

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While reading an argumentative article, one learns to expect stern verbosity and intellectual perplexity. An exception to this norm, Dave Barry pleasantly plays with rhetoric and satire to convey an opinion while simultaneously humoring the reader. His article, “Discover Your House,” is so saturated with jokes that at a first glance, one may feel as if his purpose was simply to make them laugh; it seems as if it provides no real objective. This, however, is his unforeseen genius. Dissecting his prose wit by quip unfolds how Barry 's uniquely handled wordplay manifests his argument. He accomplishes this through humor, without offending a single person. Any zealot could toil in a quest to build his vocabulary and grasp the intricacy of good writing; Dave Barry is far superior to this strife. Through natural whim, he arranges a compelling resolution to the hassle of summer vacation and entertains every reader through the process. One aspect of his brilliance is embodied by his use of sarcasm to belittle certain issues. Amidst clearly stated belief, Barry serves sarcasm to downplay and mock otherwise serious issues in America. Wikipedia says that: “Sarcasm is stating the opposite of an intended meaning especially in order to sneeringly jest or mock a person, situation or thing.” Barry employs sarcasm perfectly, sneeringly jesting blatant differences between Americans and foreigners in paragraph 6 by advising them to: “try to blend in with the native population by: 1)…

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