Analysis Of `` Dead Poet Society `` By Cal Newport Essay

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Making your voice heard is a benefit in becoming a stronger writer and speaker, but it is a very difficult task to accomplish if you do not stand for what you believe. In Part 3 of How to Become a Straight A Student by Cal Newport, his overall theme was to focus on the thinking process to your writing and to gain any new skills or strategies to make your writing an A paper. In the film “Dead Poet Society” Mr. Keating taught his students how to become individuals and freethinkers in order to express your own voice in writing or speaking. The quote was taken from the film “Dead Poet Society” in order to show us to always see our writing in a different pair of eyes. In consideration of these three tools all had a common purpose of how to become a stronger writer by thinking for yourself, finding your voice while knowing how it express it, and to see your writing in different perspectives. Research, writing, and editing, these are the three main strategies in order to write a perfect essay. But Cal Newport adds “separate your research from your writing and your writing from your editing”(Newpor).These three strategies are a crucial part of writing a good paper and receiving an A on it. It is a long process but with determination and thinking, this could all become an easy task to do. The author states “the more care you take during this step, the easier the rest of the paper-writing process will be”(Newport,152). It shows how for writing an essay, the easiest way to do so…

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