David Lowery Letter To Emily White Analysis

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In this letter to Emily White, the author David Lowery tries to connect with people and convey what they are doing wrong. The author does this by using logical examples, his credibility and by appealing to people’s emotions. The purpose of this text is to persuade Emily White and her generation to realize how not paying for their music affects artists and the music industry.
The author relies on his credibility in many parts of the letters. He starts out by establishing his good will and intentions to persuade Emily and her generation. Lowery claims he’s not trying to shame or embarrass Emily but rather to help her see how her actions cause a negative ripple in the music industry. By not purchasing her music, the effect of her actions illegally
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He tries to appeal to his audience by talking about his experience with artists he knew and how it affected them. He mentions his neighbor Vic Chesnutt who committed suicide and how he was there when the put him in the ambulance. He mentions Mark Linkous who was depressed and shot himself in the heart. Both these artists were severely depressed. Vic was losing his home and in bad debt to hospitals, and Mark was living in his recording studio. Neither of these artist got the mental help they needed. By stating this in his letters Lowery uses an emotional connection to bring you to a personal level to Emily and help her see that by not purchasing her music it has devastating effects to the …show more content…
He says we’re not supposed to let companies break the law and get away with it and change our morality so we’re okay with these injustices. Sites like “The Pirate Bay” and “Megaupload” make it easier for people to break the rules. Companies like Google and other advertising companies serve ads to these sites and keep them going. Lowery then talks about this fundamental shift. This is about who gets to control the work of the

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