Essay about Analysis Of Daniel Orozco 's ' Orientation '

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Daniel Orozco is famous for writing the short story called “Orientation.”In his story Daniel uses lots of explanation to give the readers what they want to hear. The tone that is explained to the readers is broad,because he shows a lot of imagery to let the audience know what he is talking about. Daniel talks about how everything is explained around where he works at and tells the people that he is giving a tour all about what the job is like, and between right and wrong. Everything seems weird when he is introducing the future employees at the job. By analysing the short story Daniel sentences are very depth in his sentences, the dialogue he uses,his actions,and is clear to what is exp.
When it appears in the short story , Daniel Orozco, uses very good dialogue to tell his story so that the audience would enjoy what he is talking about. When he talks about “Let the voicemail system answer it, this is your voicemail system manual, there are no personal phone calls allowed, we allow emergency phone calls only.” That is saying you can not make no calls what so ever , he wants them to ask their supervisor first before doing anything. That is good dialogue, because the boss is letting his “employees” know that if they do answer their personal cell phone, they will be let go.He provides a lot of evidence when he is explaining each people and what they do as their job.
There is a type of tone and mood that is in this story. The author tells the story in a mood that is told in…

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