Analysis of Competitors Essay

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Analysis of Competitors:

Direct Competitors and Indirect Competitors Nowadays, the educational trend is getting huge. Not only the number of people who are attending to college is increasing, but also there are more educational software is out now more than ever before. The Engaged Learning system will have many competitors who have been already exist in the industry. These learning systems have been proven to help you learn more outside the classroom. The direct competitors for the Engaged Learning are consisting of other educations software companies such as Pearson, Cengage Learning, McGraw Hill Education/Connect, iSpring, and Articulate. Indirect Competitors include Blackboard, Moodle, Edmodo, Cornerstone, and Schoology.
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The online learning software accessibility is a little bit different from other company such as Wal-Mart or McDonald's. The online learning software do not need to have many offices or stores in the nation to get success, with that being said, one way to increase the accessibility for online learning software is to cooperate with textbook company and having online services. However, the Engaged Learning is a little bit different from other learning software to increase the accessibility. The Engaged Learning is not going to sell the access code with textbook. The way our software works is to input the class, and it will find the books online for students. As long as the students have internet, they are able to purchase the Engaged Learning software.

Products and Services Competitors Offer The Engaged Learning's competitors have some decent offers for students. For example, Cengage Learning provides audio-visual material, eBook, Online Courses and Homework Solutions. It is easy for students who need some visual aids or some more practice on the materials. As Pearson, they provide MyLab, OpenClass, and College & Career Readiness etc. These products and services are helping people to improve their learning. For McGraw-Hill Education/Connect, they also provide similar products and services as Cengage Learning and Pearson, but the benefit for McGraw-Hill is their products and services are available in nearly sixty

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