Analysis Of Bullying And Teasing Of Youth With Disabilities

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How would you like it if your child was being bullied? Many studies have proven that bullying has been a problem nationwide. Based on the article “Bullying and Teasing of Youth with Disabilities: Creating Positive School Environments for Effective Inclusion” presented that
“Harassment of youth with disabilities in particular has been steadily increasing,”(Hoover 1). As a result, a child who is born with a disability, it is more likely for them to be bullied than those who don 't have a disability at all. The reason being is because others may view them differently and could possibly take advantage of them for not being able to understand, communicate, or do certain things. This topic is exceedingly important to any family to see if this situation is occurring by
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Not only is this inappropriate, but this situation can possibly lead the student with allergies to die. If we begin to notice these problems now then we will be able to save lives with just doing simple steps.
To continue, when bullying takes place for students with disabilities, there can occur many different effects on the student being bullied such as depression. To further explain, in the article “Bullying and Children and Youth with Disabilities and Special Health Needs” shows us
Vera 3 that these effects can be shown when the student starts to feel “loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns,”(Bullying 2). When the student begins to experience this, it can cause the student to have suicide thoughts which never ends in a well situation. These suicide thoughts can come from them being lonely and thinking that they can have friends or anyone to be there for them. It is unfair for the student to try to commit suicide just because he is being bullied for something he can’t control. Not only can this affect the student, but also the family as well with seeing their child suffer and especially if this individual decides to commit

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