Brief Analysis Of Malcolm X's Black Activist

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Mari Kelley
Professor Carl Greer
Modern American History
24 October 2014
Black Activist: Malcolm X Malcolm X is known for being as one of many contributors to the controversy of black segregation in America. Like many of the civil right’s leaders he fought for the black’s freedom and rights doing whatever it took to make society see the racial problems in America. Although his ways and thoughts of achieving freedom for blacks differed from most, Malcolm ideas and beliefs were on similar levels with the other activists. His aspirations for blacks in society and ideas are what drove him to achieve what he did which also changed him over the years. How Malcolm X became a man of nothing, but tragedy to a remarkable man of integrity renown all
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He was entitled the head of one of the temples named Temple Number Seven. It gave Malcolm great honor and he became more noticeable among the nation; it had also put Elijah behind him. He was voted as the nation’s authority in 1962 and also caught the eye of writer Alex Haley who wrote about Black Muslims and Malcolm X on the successful feats they achieved and the problems they were discussing to national view where others could read about them. Later in 1963, Malcolm X was communicating to a publisher that had come up to him to ask Malcolm if he could write an autobiography. He accepted their offer and soon after met up with Alex Haley to work together with him to make the autobiography. Eventually, meeting Alex and working with him had become a regular thing, which he kept business with Alex for more than two years. As Malcolm became more visible and desirable all over the United States, the whites and black people criticized him more. The white people especially had become more aware and feared his military ways that fundamental techniques was the only thing that could solve American issues. His involvements in the world and his way of influencing others made some of the Black Muslims envy him. They showed their disagreement with Malcolm by convincing their leader, Elijah that he was being robbed of his …show more content…
His wife and daughters on February 13, 1965 barely escape the bombing or attempted assassination of Malcolm X while he was in house. On February 21, 1965 a day after the attempted murder of Malcolm he made an important speech in the ballroom where during his speech three Black Muslim men assassinated Malcolm. He was shot to death and passed way soon after. Although he has passed he still lives on through his works like his autobiography, which holds records of his life’s work to achieve black independence and freedom. His speeches from the past have become an aid in the Black Power movement in the 60s and 70s in the black peoples fight for their unity with the society. He has become an inspiration to many others such as Manning Marable, a historian and leading scholar in the 80s at Columbian University. He was a very important man that referred to Malcolm X’s autobiography as scholarly text written to show the world the process of a man who struggled that had become a criminal into a man who represented black rights. Also, that Malcolm evolved into an important black man that the world had seen back than as a person who fought for what he believed in. Marable’s works contributed to black-freedom movements and used scholarships to change society. Like Malcolm he was an advocate for black rights and his achievements will add on to Malcolm’s autobiography to carry on in history as one of the

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