Analysis Of Arthur's Relationship To King Arthur

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Guenever was Arthur's wife and the most beautiful girl in England. She also loved Lancelot and had many affairs with him. Lancelot did not want to run off with her because he was a Christian (III, 10, 367).
2. Lancelot
a. Where was he from?
Lancelot was a French boy from the Castle of Benwick (III, 1, 315).
b. What was his role at the round table? Lancelot was Arthur's best and most athletic knight (website).
c. What was his relationship to King Arthur?
Lancelot was Arthur's best friend and best knight, but he had affairs with Arthur's wife.
d. How does he betray the King? Lancelot betrayed Arthur by sleeping with his wife.

3. The Round Table
1. What was its significance for the knights?
The purpose of the round table was to make justice a priority. Arthur wanted the people who loved fighting to fight for good not evil (III, 27,432). When the country was
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The scabbard protected Arthur from getting injured, so it being lost put him in great danger (britannia). He was wounded at the Battle of Camlann along with his nephew Mordred. After he was wounded, people put him on a boat and he drifted to the Isle of Avalon. At Avalon, he was treated by maidens and was never seen again after. Some people think that he is still resting on an Island somewhere with his knights and is waiting until it is time to fight again. Others think that he is dead (first website). According to legend, Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus' uncle, founded the first Christian church on the Isle Avalon. Arthur's body was supposedly brought there to be buried. When builders were working on the restoration of an abbey in 1911, workers thought they discovered Arthur's real tomb ( The tombstone read, "Here lies Arthur, King Once, and King in the Future (" These words could symbolize the belief that his people were waiting eagerly for his return, and that he still might return one

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