Analysis Of Arthur Miller 's ' The Crucible ' Essay example

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In the case of most living things, a lot of reasoning behind actions stems from vengeance. Human beings often act out fits of anger and jealousy in the form of revenge. Vengeance is something that is very prominent in The Crucible. Arthur Miller has shown the people residing in the town of Salem, Massachusetts to represent their tendencies for vengeance in many ways such very blatantly seeking it, setting a certain tone in conversation, and other subtle feelings that you pick up on while reading the play. In Act One, although it was subtle, you could still detect a glimmer of the characters’ vengeful attitudes towards other people and situations. After the incident that carried on in the woods, Reverend Parris was questioning Abigail about her behavior in general and how she was perceived in the town when she got very hostile towards Elizabeth Proctor and her whereabouts. Miller has portrayed an underlying vengeful tone by giving you the clear feeling that Abigail thinks that she has been wronged by Elizabeth. Miller has Abigail speaking about Elizabeth in a way that almost foreshadows problems to come later on in the story. This subtle foreshadowing is continued when Reverend Parris speaks of trouble with a faction of the church using the woods situation against him in attempt to remove him from the church. Miller simply glosses this portion of the dialogue with the feel that someone or some people are trying to get him back for something that he had done to make them…

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