Analysis Of Aristotle's View On Happiness

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Aristotle’s view of happiness is much different than the view of the average persons. There are certain things about happiness that most people would be in agreement with. In this paper, I will use the life of a well-known public figure and describe in what ways I believe that his life is similar and different to the views of Aristotle in terms of achieving happiness. Aristotle’s views of happiness will allow me to look at the life of this well-known public figure and understand why this life, which was full of wealth, fame and prestige was not able to find ultimate happiness. Before I begin, I would like to raise this question that will be the basis of this essay “Are we made happy by what we have in life or by who we truly are inside?”
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He explains that happiness is active, meaning that we take an active role in our happiness. We have to be involved in life, we just do not sit around waiting for life to happen but participate in life, which helps bring about happiness. Robin Williams appeared to be taking an active role in his life. He was a big movie star, comedian, husband and father. He presented to the world as happy but something was missing. Aristotle’s primary focus of happiness was virtue. Virtue for Aristotle is broken down to pleasures, being of noble character and living a life of deep meditation and wisdom. Pleasures are the things in life that bring us happiness but it is not happiness that brings us fulfillment. It is only temporary, such as buying a brand new car that you have wanted for a long time; the brand new car smell does not last forever and as soon as you have to make the payments the happy feeling you had is gone. I believe this is where Robin Williams was, he was happy but not really fulfilled. His happiness was momentary, then the dark cloud of depression would return. Aristotle pointed out that being of noble character came down to the choices we make in life. We could be an honorable person who lived an exemplary life and helped others or make selfish choices without regard for others. I believe that most would say that Robin Williams appeared to live an exemplary life by sharing his talent with others …show more content…
He was unable to see beyond the struggles he had in life to reach peace and be

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