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American Gothic – writing assignment

I Description:
In the painting we see two people. We see the farmer holding a hayfork and beside him is a woman. The woman is most likely his daughter. The couple stands in front of a house styled by the “Carpenter Gothic” era. The sun is shining but the couple don’t look like they appreciate the weather or “something else”. They both look very stretched in their faces. The man has a long head and his mouth is like a parenthesis on the wrong side. The woman on the other hand doesn’t look straight at us but instead look to the right. She avoids us and therefore it becomes hard to figure out her thoughts. But judging by her facial expression she is sad and appears limp.

II Analysis:
The first
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The symbols in the painting include hard labor (the hayfork) and domesticity (flowerpots and colonial-print apron by the woman side).

The painting carries a very significant story on how it was set up. When it was exhibited for the first time in 1930 at the Art Institute of Chicago the painting was set for a price of a total 300 dollars. The newspapers carried the story of this newly painter Grant Wood and his painting “American Gothic” across the country. He became the most famous American painter in a matter of time.
The painting itself was painted at a cottage he had seen in a small southern town. The buildings gothic style, with the window arch in mind, inspired the title of the painting. He then asked his dentist and his sister to pose as a farmer and his unmarried daughter. The detailed styling of the painting was inspired by the Northern renaissance art, which Grant Wood saw when traveling in Europe.

III Interpretation:
There are several "hidden" qualities of the American Gothic. First, the pattern on the woman's black dress is also the same pattern seen in the Gothic window. We don’t see this pattern in any of the other windows. To understand this we have to look at gothic architecture. Gothic architecture is massive, dark, and mysterious. The meaning of the woman's dress pattern is in the window could signify some type of mystery in the house. Second, there is another pitchfork in the picture. As mentioned it can be seen on the

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