Essay on Analysis Of `` Aloha `` By Cameron Crowe

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Whitewashing has become increasingly prevalent in modern entertainment, and Hollywood continues to cast Caucasian actors in minority roles. This pattern of casting encourages cultural appropriation, and also prevents ethnically diverse actors from becoming established in the film industry. The term “show business” in reference to Hollywood is extremely applicable; studios are so concerned with the “business” aspect that they often employ celebrities for the sole purpose of capitalizing on their individual success and turning a profit for their own companies. Recently, Cameron Crowe’s film “Aloha” has received a lot of backlash in regarding its ethnocentric and financially motivated casting, specifically of Emma Stone in the role of an Asian-American Air Force captain named Allison Ng. Not only does Emma Stone’s appearance misrepresent someone of quarter Hawaiian and quarter Chinese descent, her character is also supposed to be a liaison to the community because of her heritage, and she is offensively shown as the docent of sacred terms and traditions.
Considering that historically, America overthrew the island’s constitutional monarchy and transformed their economy from a cultural center to a military and tourist outpost, it is no surprise that the indigenous community is upset about the continued diminishment of cultural capital through miscasting for a role representing one of their natives. This colonization is reflected in media depictions of Hawaii as an exotic fantasy…

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