Essay on Analysis Of Allen Ginsberg 's ' A Supermarket

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In an action packed life of 70 years in the Beat movement, Allen Ginsberg accomplished an abundance of achievements. These achievements included advancements in gay rights, freedom of speech and much more. Ginsberg is famous for his free speech that was controversial in the 1950s but then praised in the 1960s. When Ginsberg first started out, he was one of the first to talk about taboo subjects like sex, much like his idol, Walt Whitman. Free speech is not the only thing that Ginsberg was notable for; in fact, he was particularly active in social and political settings. For example, he was a signer for the Vietnam protests vowing to refuse tax payments, he raised awareness for the Bangladesh victims, and he praised former communist heroes. Allen Ginsberg’s, “A Supermarket in California”, deals with freedom from authority, consumerism in the 1950s, and how America as a nation needs to connect more with nature.
Ginsberg’s life, a perfect example of freedom from authority, is filled with non-conformist events and attitudes. While a young scholar, Ginsberg found his unending love for Whitman, a poet to be considered the father of modern poetry, a fan of free verse, and a huge inspiration to Ginsberg. First off, Ginsberg was living in a time in which homosexuality was not openly discussed and therefore not praised. “Like Ginsberg, Whitman was also homosexual and would have felt equally out of place in the glare of the supermarket, a wholesome bastion where families feel free to…

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