Analysis Of Allan G. Johnson 's Definition Of Privilege Essay

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Most of us have experienced privilege in some form (race, gender, age, looks, social class, status, etc.). What is privilege? Give examples describing how someone benefited from privilege and how another has “lost out” because of someone else’s privilege. You may use personal or observed examples, but do not use hypothetical ones. [1 page, 50 pts] What is privilege? “The concept of privilege refers to any advantage that is unearned, exclusive and socially conferred” (Johnson, A., 2013). I would agree with Mr. Johnson’s definition. Allan G. Johnson is a sociologist who has dedicated “most of his working life to understanding the human condition, especially in relation to social justice rooted in gender, race, and social class. His social justice work is based on a deeply held belief that systems of privilege and the injustice and unnecessary suffering that are the result are not inevitable features of human life, and that the choices each of us make matter more than we can ever know”(Johnson,A.,2013). Mr. Johnson is the author of. After reading an excerpt from his book, Privilege, Power, & Difference, I realized Johnson and Michael Schwalbe are in agreement with their views that people need to become “sociologically mindful” and be aware of their choices and how they affect others. The example of privilege that I will share has to do with a situation on the job. I met a young man, he was about the age of 17, who became a part time sales associate at a…

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