Essay on Analysis Of Alan W Dowd 's ' The American Legion Magazine '

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Alan W Dowd published a commentary about the close relationship between the United States and Great Britain as being the cornerstone of a peaceful world in ‘The American Legion Magazine”December 2016.Since the article is published in “The American Legion Magazine,” the readers are assumed to be veterans and patriotic. This magazine could also be found on tables in medical office waiting rooms so it would not be considered to be exclusive. The article is inclusive to any audience that may be interested in history, international relations, or politics He discusses the reasons why the US and Great Britain have remained close beginning with the Monroe Doctrine in the early 19th century and continues today,. The assertion that the author makes is that these close ties have been the stabilizing force for peace in the past and in the present. The article was written prior to our presidential election and is now even more pertinent. Now after the “BREXIT” vote and the US presidential election both countries have begun a new a political path and separate from the past world political arena. By detailing the relationship between the two countries the article hints what may be future relations.

The author of this commentary is a senior fellow at the Sagamore Institute Center for American Purpose ( The article discusses much of the American-Great Britain relationship in the past and present. It is presented as a narrative of major and some minor events…

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