Analysis Of Act 1 Of The Crucible

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In Act one of the crucibles it talks about it talks about reverend Paris and how he came across his niece and other girls dancing in the woods. It also tells us about his niece Betty and how she becomes sick after reverend Paris discovers the girls dancing. it also shows us how they believe there to be witchcraft involved with betty 's sickness, it shows us this when reverend Paris describes seeing the girls dancing but while they were dancing he discovered a pot on the ground, but the main reasons leading them to believe witchcraft was involved were how Tituba sang songs and apparently made the girls drink blood but another key event is how betty the reverends niece would scream and cry when hearing anything or any pray the had to do with the lord. Also to try to make sure that witchcraft is involved they brought in Mr. Hale, because he was educated in this particular area. Another major event that took place in act one was how Abigail …show more content…
I really enjoyed this book because of all that went on and how the plot kept thickening. For example how in Act 3 when Mr. Proctor goes to the court to try and set his wife free by getting the girl to confess but it back fires and he ends up hurting his name. one character that stood out the most to me was john proctor because not only was him and his family one of the main focuses in the story he was so determined to prove that his wife was innocent even though in the end he said he had to do with witch craft even though that was not true. But along with all the good in the book there was bad for example, I believe the author could have put just a bit more detail on the other characters. Also he could have went on to more than just one person it was effecting because at the time john proctor was not the only one who had problems. But even with all said the book was great it just could have had a few more details and the character development could have made it

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