Summary: A Concerted Effort

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On Friday September 30th at 7:30pm in Weill Hall I watched the show called “A Concerted Effort.” The show was a collaborative effort between Jerome Fleg’s Santa Rosa Junior College Orchestra and Alexander Kahn’s Sonoma State Symphony Orchestra. The Sonoma State Music Director Alexander Kahn gave the introduction. Kahn in his intro explained how he collaborated with Jerome Fleg’s Orchestra for years. Khan also named each of soloist’s performing in the show. He mentioned how each of the two soloists’ earned their solo, by winning the 2016 Concerto Competition at Sonoma State University. The two soloists who won the 2016 Concerto Competition was Megan Rice who plays the Saxophone and Zachary Hall who plays the Trumpet. The other soloist who played that night was Aaron Westman who played the violin. Then, Kahn welcomed the Santa Rosa Junior College Orchestra to the stage. The seating arrangement for Jerome Fleg’s Santa Rosa Junior college orchestra consisted of Percussion, Brass, Woodland, and String instruments. In the back row of the orchestra from left to right consisted mostly of the percussion and brass instruments, which …show more content…
Then the Saxophone Soloist, Megan Rice joined the stage to play lead Saxophone. Megan Rice established her virtuosity by having controlled breathing, which allowed her to have smooth transitions from note to note. The violins started the piece and were then followed by the violas and the bass. It these piece the violins answered the Saxophone. It was nice to hear the Saxophone play in minor because I am typically used to hearing the Saxophone played in an upbeat jazz number. The piece had a great moment when all the other instruments stopped playing, while the Saxophone player played the Saxophone. This piece was very much accented by the Saxophone. The other instruments being played only helped to layer the piece of

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