Analysis Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies

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Analysis Kentucky Fried Chicken's Cross-cultural Marketing Strategies in China from the Point of View of Cultural Identity


With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, enterprises face the consumer behavior differences caused by the cultural identity between countries inevitably in the process of international operations. So, corporate marketing executives should understand the cultural background of a country and develop effective marketing strategies accordingly. In cross-cultural marketing, the famous American chain of fast food restaurants - Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has made great success in China doubtlessly, after entering the Chinese market in 1986. As cultural identity has components
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In the aspect of restaurant layout, KFC also takes good care of Chinese customers' feeling. A field research(Zheng 2005, p.74) indicates that in the options of dining place and time, Chinese students respondents are more willing to have meals at the restaurant (88.6%, 8.3%), while majority of American students would rather takeout. When having meals at the restaurant, the proportion of Chinese respondents choosing to spend 20 minutes above (90.4%) is obviously higher than that of the American respondents (41.0%). The reason for causing the situation above is that Chinese people would like to take some time to enjoy their meals and to have a conversation at the dining -table to promote feelings. KFC notices this, setting up various types of tables and chairs, even setting an amusement park for children in the restaurant to meet different customers needs. So, in the eyes of Chinese, especially the young people, KFC (as well as McDonald) means not only the food itself, but also the neat and pleasant environment, a kind of experience to the western culture. But in the United States, people visit KFC are often in order to save money and time.

Geography with Products Innovation and Purchase of KFC

Jameson (2007, p.211) describes geography as nationality, region, state, province, or city identification,

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