Essay on Analysis And Presentation Of The Mission

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1. Stage (Company vision)
Vision is an idea of the future state, bright and ethically-founded sense organizations. It is an essential starting point for the formulation and presentation of the mission, for setting strategy and for strategic planning.
Purpose is the main reason why the organization was established and why it works, or the main reason for the change strategy.
The mission of the organization expresses shared values and beliefs, opinions to its own objectives in terms of what needs and who wants to meet its activity.
Legitimacy means that the organization is legitimate objectives that not contrary to law.
This stage shows the vision of the organization. Its important motivation element of analysis and that would bring better connection, corporation, communication and increase motivation force in the management team and all stakeholders to achieve goal.

Figure 1. The scheme covers the underlying plan strategies Organization 's vision. (Open University step3: p363 2011)

2. Stage (Analysis of the problem)

The question was: why has this problem arisen, how the problem appeared, what further information we need to clarify the problem, (it’s the one member of team who is responsible or is the all management team responsible for planning method) and how many employees were affected. By using Fishbone diagram will help them to find various possible cause that lie behind the problem. Specific SMART objectives (The Open University, 2011, p. 106) must have…

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