Analysis: A Jury Of Her Peers

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The first two paragraphs of the short story written by Susan Glaspell, “A Jury of Her Peers” presents Martha Hale’s, neighbor of Mrs. Wright who is the prime suspect of Mr. Wright is death, routine as a woman and her overall thought process. Mrs. Hale left her kitchen “in no shape for leaving” (490) indicating that she is a person of neatness; no job is to be left unfinished and high importance is attached to women keeping a “proper” household. In addition, the time period is in the early 1900’s and women had limitations such as choosing their own interests or to exist as separate beings from their husbands. The men are blind to the importance of the neglected household duties because it is a women’s job to worry about the preservatives, to …show more content…
Wright is only option to be freed. Their justification is based on Mrs. Wright is oppression and isolation by her husband and by the social and economic suppression that her only way to be herself was by killing her husband. The men wouldn’t understand what Mrs. Wright 's life was like living with someone whose actions where killing her little by little. The women recognize that Mrs. Wright is situation is a special case for the reason that women during that time “go through the same thing …it’s all just a different kind of the same thing” (503). Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters empathize with Mrs. Wright and support her for the reason that they could have been in her place. They do not believe the legal system will be able to effectively judge and punish the crime that was committed by Mr. Wright. In 1892, the article published by the New York Times, “Mrs. Delong Acquitted. She killed her husband, but the jury has set her free” states that the jury found the defendant, Mrs. Delong, innocent because she suffered from “wrongs and abuse” (510) that caused her to act in self-defense. Women who are neglected have a limit and once that limit exceeds they will act without thinking of the consequences. The actions committed by women have a trigger that can be caused by men is action such as physically or

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