Anakin Skywalker Character Analysis

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Before i analyze this fictional character i will talk and explain who he is. Anakin Skywalker later known as daar is a star wars fictional character he was born on the planet tatooine a dessert like planet when he was a little kid he and his mother were slaves. Two jedis named qui gon jinn and obi wan kenobi were stranded in tatooine and they their ship broke down they needed a way fix it. They went to a junk shop were anakin was working as slave they couldn't afford to fix the ship anakin told them that they could stay at his place to rest for the night he found out that they were jedis he always dreamed that a jedi would rescue all the slaves from his planet. They explained the situation and he volunteer to participate in a race so they …show more content…
But they did believe he was the chosen one so they decided to make him a jedi obi wan would be his master. He was very cocky and arrogant as he got older he was sent on a mission to protect the queen of naboo who he later married he often had nightmares about her mother so he decided to go back to tatooine to visit her he couldn't find her he asked around and he found out that she was abducted by sand people when he found her she was badly beaten and died in her arms out of rage and anger he slaughter every sand persone in that village. He was in pain but he felt guilty that as a jedi he couldn't save her. Time past on anakin had a lot of trouble controlling his emotions him and his master were sent to rescue chancellor palpatine who was secretly a sith lord darth sidious when rescuing him they encounter a sith count dooku and they fought he knocked out anakins master and while fighting anakin cut both his he crossed his and dooku lightsaber to his throat and palpatine urged him to kill the helpless sith even though it was not the jedi way he hesitated but did it anyway after he did it he regretted it right

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