Anabolic Steroids : Professional Athletes Essay

1017 Words Feb 18th, 2016 5 Pages
People always argue how anabolic steroids influenced professional sports. Anabolic steroids frequently are among teenage athletes trying to bulk up. Unfortunately, the improper use of steroids (even at a young age) causes stunted growth, kidney impairment or failure, liver damage, and increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Anabolic steroids are synthetic steroid hormones that resemble testosterone in promoting the growth of muscle. Athletes use anabolic steroids as a way to gain advantages in professional sports. This issue presents a great problem because if athletes rely on illegal substances to improve their performance, then they are not only cheating other professional athletes of a chance at success, but also are negatively influencing young children who look up to them as a role model. Anabolic steroids in general should always remain banned and people who use them are cheating others opportunities around the world. People make cases how using anabolic steroids can allow people to gain strength and acceleration needed to take them to the next level. For example, gene doping will one day allow athletes to push beyond the boundaries of human ability (Adler 1). Furthermore, According to the IOC [International Olympic Committee] director general... the fact that only eight athletes out of 11,000 Olympic competitors tested positive is proof that 'the war on doping is being won (Waddington 1). These arguments are for people to realize that anabolic steroids are for…

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