Should Baseball Players Use Anabolic Steroids

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The sport that evokes the fondest memories among Americans is baseball. So many people have played this game during their childhood and have become invested in it, that it has become known as the national pastime in America. Baseball originated from the British game “rounders” before the American Civil War. In 1871, the first national baseball league came into America. (Baseball History’s Effects on America) When baseball first originated, the players possessed natural skills and strength that helped lead them to achieve records and respect in the baseball world. Starting from the 1980s and leading into the mid-2000s, baseball players used steroids to enhance their skills, unnoticed. Over the years, baseball has faced a dilemma in regards to …show more content…
To understand why baseball players use anabolic steroids we have to understand the advantages of steroid use. There are various benefits to steroids that athletes would want to have, but baseball players are interested in the benefit of strength. In baseball, strength helps with many aspects of the game, particularly bat speed. The stronger the athlete is, the quicker they can swing the bat and the more power they can put behind the ball. Like hitters, pitchers can profit from increased strength. Anabolic steroids increase the power in the pitcher’s arm, allowing him to throw harder and throw more pitches. Anabolic steroids aid in the recovery time of athletes This in particular benefits pitchers. The steroids help decrease the muscle decay or soreness in less time. With this, the athlete can return sooner to the game. Anabolic steroids are relatively straightforward in what kind of drug they are. (Steroids Can Benefit Athletes for a Decade after Use) Athletes who use steroids are looking for a supplement that acts as testosterone which increases muscle growth and decreases muscle decay. Athletes who use steroids are seeking an advantage over the

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