Anabolic Steroids And Blood Doping Essay

1176 Words Dec 12th, 2015 5 Pages
Humans are competitive human beings. It is human nature to try to be better than one another, and sometimes this comes by extreme measures. For hundreds of years, one of the most problematic ways that athletes have tried to gain an edge over their competition is through the use of anabolic steroids and blood doping. For those not familiar with them, Merriam-Webster defines anabolic steroids as “drugs that are sometimes used illegally by athletes to help them become stronger and more muscular” (“Anabolic Steroid”). Over the years, their popularity has increased dramatically, even spreading to high school athletes, despite being illegal in nearly even governing body in the sporting world. Should they simply be unbanned by these bodies due to their popularity? There are several therapeutic uses for anabolic steroids, but use among athletes has become far more common than intended medical uses. Steroids and blood doping are leading athletics down a dangerous and unregulated path with innumerable side effects. There are, of course, individuals who find some benefits in allowing anabolic steroids in sports, but their detriments far outweigh their benefits. The clear solution to this growing problem is to keep the ban, heighten punishments to keep them out of professional, collegiate, and high school sports, and improve ways of identifying athletes who use steroids. One of the first issues with steroid use is how unsafe they are. Many supporters for the use of steroids in sports…

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