An Website A Reliable Source Of Truth Essay

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Poverty has been a struggle for centuries worldwide. Often when people think of poverty they think of poor, no money, lower income, but poverty is not just a financial state. Poverty affects every aspect of a person’s life, including healthcare.
In today’s world many believe that the internet is a “Source of Truth”, and as many of us know that simply is not the case. To evaluate this website the user would need to see is there a contact for this organization or author? Do the hyperlinks work and if so is the information on the hyperlinks supported by the author or organization? How much information is given to us about donations? Are they a registered organization? What is the main purpose of this website, is it information only or do they offer actions and / or participation for the readers? Is this website a reliable source?
When the user first launches the website and are taken to the home page they will see the layout of the design is user friendly, user friendly does not necessarily mean reliable. When the user sees the layout the home page they will notice that the colors are not too bright and the template is limited to three main colors, light green, light orange and one shout out in red for donations. The graphics are limited to one main picture and a few thumbnails, with a statement “Health Poverty Action works to strengthen poor and marginalized communities in their struggle for health. We prioritise those missed out…

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