Smithsonian National Zoo

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Smithsonian National Zoo and Animal Inside Out, are two amazing websites one can go on when inquiring to visit animal museums. I was interested to see all the bright colors on the page, a thought came to me. What do graphic designers think when creating a webpage? Questions like why they chose this particular image? Or why did they choose that font and color? Their goal is to make the webpage appealing to the eye, so people can come visit their museum. In this essay I would like to examine two webpages compare and contrasts the colors, font’s images, and information used within these pages. Taking a deeper look on why things are there and what could have been different.
Smithsonian National Zoo is a great experience for people of all diversities
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When entering this webpage a viewer is taken directly to a page to buy tickets. Which appears to me that they want me to pay up before checking what the website’s about. Along the borders of the page there is giraffe print, which gives me a safari theme in my mind. In the opposite of the Smithsonian National Zoo the colors are duller. And nothing stands out. On the left side there is an ostrich that looks as if someone free handedly drew it. In the middle portion of the page there is a rectangular box that showed the next upcoming event. Also an image of a giraffe, I then figured that giraffes were the theme of that particular event. Underneath that photo there were a summary telling me what Animal Inside Out was really about. They wrote about what is there to see and what to expect while visiting this exhibit. Compared to The other webpage this gave me more of a calm soothing feeling. This website is intended for adults because there was more words than pictures. Along the top of the page there lies 10 links which had a white background the font was Times New Roman size 12 font. Which was a bit dull considering they want people to check out their website. What stood out to me the most is that they have an “amazing facts” link which tells you random facts about different animals. Which is cool because a lot of people don’t know much about animals and it gives a way to educate people. All in all this webpage is very informative and it is helpful for people to get to know the animals

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