Essay about An Sociological Event Happening Right Now

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There is a current sociological event happening right now, where thousands of people have passed or are passing through the camp of Standing Rock calling themselves water protectors. A 1,200-mile-long pipeline is being constructed by a Texas based energy company called Energy Transfer. The pipeline also known as the Dakota Access Pipeline, is designed to transport 570,000 barrels of crude oil per day from North Dakota to Illinois. The Pipeline project originally proposed to go over the Missouri River but was rejected due to the fact that it was too close to residential areas, roads, and lands. Approved by a government agency the US Corps of Engineers, the pipeline is now approved to be built under the Missouri River and this portion of the project is scheduled to be finished by January first 2017. The Missouri River is the primary drinking water to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the tribe also states that it would go through sacred burial ground, lands that they believe they have rights to under the Treaty of Fort Laramie from 1868. However due to battles between the Sioux and the American government the land was confiscated in 1877 and remains a legal dispute between the two groups (Clark, n.d.). Protests have been underway where it’s been alleged police are using rubber bullets, pepper spray, and concussion cannons towards protestors some who are simply praying. Due to the power of social media and the ability to spread information fast across the world, people…

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