An Opening As A Medical Scribe For Scribeamerica Essay

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The position I researched and applied for is an opening as a medical scribe for ScribeAmerica . The opening was very easy to find on Indiana school of public health webpage and was effectively described and detailed . The job description and my research at helped me deremine what ScirbeAmerica valued as audience.
ScribeAmerica is a provider of medical scribes to many hospitals and medical practices. ScribeAmerica has a history of providing that best professional medical scribe programs for the clients. They help hire, train and deliver a medical scribe all over the world. The medical scribe helps physician slow down and pulls them away from actual patients. With this in mind, one has to be knowledgeable with using medical terminology and their interaction within society What Is Important for ScribeAmerica
First and foremost, I felt that the most important quality needed at ScribeAmerica would be applicant that had a previous work experience with medical terminology. In the job description, one of the key qualities any applicant must have is common medical procedures, equipment, and handling responsibilities that create less work for physician. I came to the conclusion that I should include early in my cover letter and state in my resume that I have had a previous work experience with some of the medical terminology skills as a lab researcher.
I determined the second most important aspect of being a medical scribe was the experience, and knowledge…

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