An Open Letter By People Who Don 't Understand A Woman Not Wanting Kids

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An open letter to people who don’t understand a woman not wanting kids
Imagine you are talking to a girlfriend and you say, “I really want to be a mother one day,” and your friend responses, “I’m sure you’ll change your mind,” or “No you don’t.”
You would probably think it was rude.
So what is the difference from the countless times I (or women who have made the same choice that I’ve made not) tell someone, “I don’t want to have kids,” and they respond, “I’m sure you change your mind,” or “Yes you do”?
Absolutely nothing! Stay out of my uterus and I’ll stay out of yours.
I am 26 years old and I’ve made a choice about my body and my future, please stop trying to make it about you.
Your decision to have kids doesn’t offend me, so my decision not to shouldn’t offend you.
There are some cute kids out there and I’m not saying that having children is a bad choice it’s just not my choice.
I like not having to foot the bill for another individual, I like deciding to randomly fly across the country (I’ve done this a few times on a whim).
I like knowing that when I go home I can have a glass of wine (or 3) without having to keep my head in case some tiny human falls and needs to go to the hospital.
I like not having to worry about getting a sitter if I want to have a night out.
I like not having to be tied to another individual by a child if we ever grow apart.
I like that things in my house aren’t sticky and that I don’t have to fight with baby proof doors (baby proof doors are not…

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