An Online Video Advertisement For Snowz Skin Lightener Pills Essay

1102 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
On January 8th, 2016, the Thai beauty company, Seoul Secret, released an online video advertisement for Snowz skin lightener pills with the tagline, “whiteness makes you win” (Holmes, 2016). However, the advert was withdrawn hours after its release due to public outrage and accusations of racism (2016). While the camera zooms out, the Thai women’s white complexion darkens and her smile turns bleak. “Before I got to this point, the competition was very high. If I stop taking care of myself, everything I have worked for, the whiteness I have invested in, may be lost,” she says. In this scene, whiteness in the black imagination is attributed with wealth and prosperity. The model positioned on the right transforms into charcoal black, reminiscent of ‘black face’ and her absent smile reflects a depressed state. Here, she attributes blackness to darkness saying, “the new kids will waste me; will make me a faded star.” By contrast, the model situated on the left has fair skin where her light complexion and smile is attributed to her happiness and success. Thereafter, the black woman gazes at the white woman strikingly and consumes the skin care supplements. As a result, she returns to her white complexion with a bright smile on her face. Lastly, the narration states, “New Snowz, includes glutathione, a compound taken from kiwi seeds that helps you not return to black.” Here, the narrator applies scientific racism to promote a normative message of white femininity prevalent among…

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