An Object 's Place At Every Group Essay

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As I walked up to class I noticed that there was an object’s place at every group. The give task was to observe the toys using our senses of sight, hearing and touch to figure out the function of it and what cause it to function as its does. As a group we had to move to the different station counter clockwise. Out of the five toys that the professor presents to us the two that appeal to me the most were the Balancing Bird and the Drinking Bird.
I notice that the Balancing Bird had bright ombre colors of white, pink and purple. The bird was surprisingly lighter than what I expected. However, majority of it weight was concentrated at the beak. This plastic bird is balanced by it beak. The concept behind this toy is gravity. The balancing bird is a toy that has its center of gravity located at the tip of the beak. The center of gravity (also called the center of mass) is a special point on an object. It 's the point at which the mass of the body is perfectly balanced. This toy had me amazed, because it was able to balance with everything that was around our table. Like for example, with pencil, cellphone and our finger. To the naked eye it appears a bit strange that the bird could perfectly balanced at the beak location because the beak is the smallest part of the bird body. But this is because the bird is designed this way. The wings are extended in front of the beak far enough, and made heavy enough, to balance the weight of the bird behind the beak. The Drinking bird is…

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