Unintentional Security Risks

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There are many risks in the world. Risk can be defined as the degree of probability of loss. Risk could also be referred to as a threat. In the information technology world there are many threats that are known and can be anticipated. There are measures that can be taken to prepare for certain threats. Hardware failure is a threat that cannot be anticipated. Typically, there is a backup plan in the event hardware that fails but it cannot be predicted. The only thing that can be done is have a plan for recovery. These plans usually use some type in data backup software that is configured to do daily and weekly incremental backups as well as a weekly full backup. There is the risk of human error. Human error can cause hardware to be …show more content…
There can be data lost by unintentional means. When entering information, it is possible that a missed keystroke can throw off the accuracy of that information. While this may not be intentional it is very possible that it can be disastrous. If a backup procedure is not completed correctly it can cause a loss of date in the event that a system fails. These have been a couple examples of what can happen with some of the data. Unintentional security threats can be caused by humans as well. A growing number of companies are implementing security policies that employees are supposed to follow. This can cause an unintentional threat if employees are not trained on the specific policies (Sourav Bhuyan, 2013). It does no good for policies to be implemented if there is no instruction on what the policies mean. This could be as simple as a clean desk policy. Many people have passwords written down and available to be seen at computers because the password security policy may cause it too difficult to remember. It should be common sense that passwords should not be written down and in the open but there are people who just do not understand the security concept until it is thoroughly explained to them. Evaluating the password security policy may need to be done as

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