Essay on An Investigation Of The Fire Protection Association

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Fire is mainly employed at a crime scene to either cover up the existence of another crime, as a method of revenge, retaliation, to collect insurance or simply utilized at the delight of the individual who set it. Unfortunately, fire is not so easily controlled in a civilized setting and can be catastrophic in effect. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fires set intentionally cause hundreds of deaths and injuries annually, as well as billions in property damage. In the year 2000, over 4000 Americans lost their lives in a fire (1). However, the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, only reports that less than a quarter of culprits responsible are arrested. This is due to the fact that it is incredibly difficult to define a piece of evidence as completely probative in most arson cases, despite the fact that a lot of complex organic mixtures used to intentionally accelerate a fire are commonly identified in forensic laboratories during evidence examination (1).
This study, completed by José Almirall and Kenneth Furton at the International Forensic Research Institute at Florida International University, aims expand the use of forensic chemistry in fire debris analysis to provide insight into the development of a more probative method of evidence recovery by creating a more discriminatory method of extraction and isolation that reduces interference from background and pyrolysis products. This method can help to determine if a suspected case could be…

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