An Introduction Of Mcdonaldization By George Ritzer Essay

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Within the chapter, “An Introduction to McDonaldization,” by George Ritzer speaks the truth that McDonald’s is taking over American society, as well as other nations. This grotesque article is the harsh truth that America has and will continue to become more McDonalized. McDonald’s has been able to achieve a franchise that spreads through 115 nations. The fours dimensions discussed within this article are efficiency, calculability, predictability and control. These dimensions control the ways employees and the McDonald’s business acts. George Ritzer’s “Dimensions of McDonalidization” highly impact the business of McDonald’s, although some are more important than the others (Ritzer, 16). Each dimension serves its own purpose within the industry. Control within the industry is what makes the business runs. Management needs to be able to control employees for work to be done. McDonald’s is able to control their employees by “threatening to use and ultimately using, technology to replace human workers” (Ritzer, 18). By controlling these employees with a threat keeps the employees at their job to keep a salary. Another dimension that is stated by Ritzer is efficiency. Efficiency is stated as an “optimum method of getting from one point to another” (Ritzer, 16). The efficiency of McDonald’s is one of the most common aspects of an industry. Without the efficiency of the workers, the industry would collapse. The workers are able to follow a predetermined form of steps to…

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